Solar Security Lamps

Prevention is better than cure. Similarly being alert and prepared can help in averting many a security breach. Be it a home, office, banks or any institution, security is very important. To aid you in this, we are introducing Security Lamps powered by Solar energy.

NAS SSL 01 Solar powered Focus lamp :

-Inbuilt day and night sensor. So the light automatically switches on in the night.

-Gives light for 10 hours

– Powered by LED lights

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NAS SSL 02 Solar powered Motion Detection Focus Lamp:

  • Light switches automatically on when the sensor detects any kind of motion
  • Detection range is 10 metres
  • Powered by LED lights.

We feel that these products can be ideal for use at your home or office because of the following advantages:

  • Since the focus lamps are powered by solar energy, even if there is a power outage, the solar lamps will work.
  • There is no dependence on Regideso, so there will be savings on the electricity bill.
  • In built day and night sensor, switches on the light automatically at night, so there is no need for a person to physically go and do it
  • Once installed, it requires very little maintenance and energy is produced without human action.
  • Water and weather resistant. The unit is waterproof
  • High efficiency solar panel
  • Batteries in these solar kits are lithium ion batteries. These are proved to be more efficient than conventional lead acid batteries that is available in the Burundi market.
  • The lights used are the latest LED lights which has long life and very efficient.
  • Very easy to install
  • Certified by CE and RoHS.
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These lamps can be used for the security of – homes, offices, ATMs, resorts, banks etc. It can also be used as street lamps or perimeter lamps.