Solar Domestic Lamps

Nambiar Associates SPRL is proud to present our latest offering – Solar lamp kits for domestic and security purposes. The kits come with the panel, battery and LED lights. The kit uses the most latest in technology

  1. The lights are LED which are proven to be more efficient than legacy lighting techniques like incandescent or CFL lamps. The general life expectancy of LEDs are 50,000 hours as per Electronic Weekly. Hence, it works out to be great value for money
  2. The batteries used in the light kits are Lithium Ion, the same kind that is used in today’s smart phones, hence the speed of charging of the battery, the operational time is better in Lithium Ion than Lead Acid batteries

1.Single lamps – More details Click >>>>

Single lampSingle lamp 1

2. 3 Lamps – More details Click >>>>

3 Lamps