Security Doors

To secure server rooms and other mission critical areas, it is necessary to have a security door to protect the valuable items inside the room. Nambiar Associates SPRL can supply and install such security doors. Our Security doors  have the following features.

  • Fire proof
  • Bullet proof
  • Exterior door leaf must be steel
  • steel hinges to suppor the door
  • steel frame

As an additional precaution, such security doors must have access control systems. There are two methods to control access

  1. Biometric access control system with Electro mechanical Lock – This system has a key lock and also mechanical lock, that will be opened only if a registered person punches in the biometric system. This lock is most recommended for mission critical areas.
  2. Biometric Acess control system with electromagnetic Lock – This system has a magnetic lock, which is released only when a registered person punches in the biometric system

At NAS we can provide security doors as per your existing door dimensions, with the access control system of your choice

IMG-20170913-WA0028 IMG-20170913-WA0017