Queue Management System

The queue management system manages the full service cycle, from the moment customers enter the door until they leave. It streamlines the service process, creates an action-related database and supports the bank’s business objectives.

The system collects accurate information in real time that shows the arrival of customers and the waiting time. It manages the complex flow of regular and random customers.

The Queue Management System helps increase banking customers, satisfies and makes the process of managing customer flow more efficient.


  • The Queue Management System will allow you to communicate different messages to different clients at the relevant time. For example, the system allows you to customize the ticketing function to print specific tickets for customers who select a particular service.
  • The queue management system helps banks to streamline customers flow, from the point of entry to the starting point. It allows your staff not only to call the next customer but also put clients on hold, reminding customers, transferring customers to another service or counter in the premises.
  • The Queue Management System also keeps your staff updated with the number of queuing clients per service, as well as the average and the longest wait and time to serve, also support with tracking the table and KPI reports, the quality of customer flow management can be controlled by the back-office staff and the relevant management.
  • Easy maintenance, no need to install software at agent counters.
  • Diverts standby clients with built-in digital display
  • Improving the level of service, allows targeted improvement for specific customer segments and services.