GPS tracker

With increasing number of vehicles in an office, it becomes imperative to track the movement of vehicles, their locations, their status from time to time. NAS can provide in Burundi a cheap and efficient GPS system with free software, so that the client does not have to pay monthly subscription charges. The customer can track the location of their vehicles on the map, which can be refreshed every 5 seconds. With 2G coverage having increased in the country, it is very easy to keep track of all your vehicles. Our GPS tracker is suitable for all kinds of vehicles from motos, tuk tuks, cars and trucks.


  1. Location Accuracy: 10 metres
  2. Time accuracy: 1ms time synchronisation of satellite
  3. Support Geo Fence Alarm
  4. Over speed alarm
  5. Low Power alarm
  6. Waterproof
  7. with ACC to detect ignition

Optional features

  1. Battery
  2. Main power off alarm (only with trackers which has battery option)
  3. Connectable to camera to have live monitoring visually.