Solar Security Lamp – Focus Lamp

This is a new security solution using solar energy lamps that will enable you to secure your households, enclosures, offices and garages. Moreover, this solar energy solution does not depend on the electric current to function.

The quality of this lamp is that it detects the darkness because it is equipped with a sensor sensitive to light which allows it to switch on automatically at nightfall and turns off in the morning. The lighting time of this lamp can go up to eleven hours of good brightness if the batteries are fully charged. The quantity of energy stored and thus the duration of lighting vary according to the intensity of the sun’s rays and the duration of the sunshine. Consequently, it is advisable to choose a place, to place it, which benefits from a direct exposure with the rays of the sun and which does not pass in the shade during the day.

Focus Lamp features

Features – NAS SSL 01


  • 2 Solar panel – 18V, 10W, polycrystalline solar panel
  • Battery – Lithium battery 14.8V/4000mAh
  • 120 High Powered LED bulbs with superior brightness, 5W, pure white
  • High Efficiency 10w solar panel
  • Long life span lithium battery
  • Fully adjustable light and solar panel angle
  • 5 meters cable with waterproof connector
  • Waterproof and durable switch
  • IP65 Complete waterproof
  • Solid-state, high shock and vibration resistant.
  • Day/Night sensor
  • Easy installation
  • 100% Solar powered, green energy
  • Fashion design
  • Light head angle adjustable
  • CE and RoHS certificate