Digital/IP Cameras

IP/ Network cameras

This is the more advanced version of cameras in the market today. These cameras use the same technology as the internet. In this surveillance system arrangement; IP cameras transmit their videos as a digital stream over an IP network. Like in the case of analog system, where the video is recorded on hard drives of a DVR, a video from the IP camera is streamed straight from the camera to the network video recorder (NVR). Video footage is stored on these NVRs and is protected by RAID technology, in order to make the solution redundant and fault tolerant. These cameras can even be streamed over the internet if the connection is fast enough, as the technology used is similar. This however does not mean that they need internet to function, they can function independently over a local area network.

Pros and Cons

They can have much higher resolutions

Have larger storage capacity

Easy to increase number of cameras both in terms of wiring and storage

Can use existing Lan network

Longer distances possible between camera and recorder (even across continents if speed permits)

More inbuilt image processing for images with more visual details

IP Camera