Biometric Systems

Nambiar Associates with registered office in Burundi and a team of professional technicians, we are poised to provide the best service in the country of Burundi.

The Biometric System can be used to restrict Access and/or attendance control for businesses that need to perform personnel checks, safely and for all sorts of environments, through biometric devices.

The application is characterized by input and output control via terminals, PC, detailed attendance information, customization of schedules, It is very easy to use

The application has an integral system of three basic modules for access control and attendance control (inputs and outputs):

  1. Fingerprint Detection and Registration: The system stores records of inputs and outputs
  1. Consulting: The system allows you to consult, make a listing, and develop statistics and any other kind of consultation with respect to access control and presence control.
  1. Attendance check: If you want to check attendance of an employee, you can consult the application. The reports can show absences, number of hours worked, over time etc for the period specified. The reports can be accessed via USB port into a pendrive or computer or via TCP/IP directly to the server to control multiple attendance or access systems if available in the organization.

Security door with finger print

Depending on the customer’s requirement, NAS can provide finger print or face detection systems. Also our skilled technicians are able to customize the software to generate reports as per the requirement. For more information, please contact us on +257 75099099.

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