Biometric Attendance System

Attandance system

Large Organisations or industries that work on shift basis will find monthly payroll management an ordeal month on month. For easy management of attendance and therefore calculation of payroll, Nambiar Associates (NAS) presents to you Biometric Attendance System in Burundi.

We can supply, install and configure the system not only in Bujumbura, but anywhere in Burundi, so that every employee in the organisation is registered in the system. The employees need only to punch in the system with their registered finger in the system when they enter and exit office. The company’s attendance and leave policies can be entered in the versatile software. And this software will generate reports on the absence, presence, number of hours worked, overtime etc of each and every registered employee. These reports can also be imported to your payroll management software to make payroll calculation uncomplicated.

Registration of employees can be done via password, RFID card or fingerprint.

Installation Pictures


Biometric Attendance System

We have installed more than 20 bio-metric attendance systems in Burundi and we give one year warranty on all our devices in Burundi.