Archiving System for Documents

Advanced Document Encryption, Archiving and Management Suite (ADEMS)

Financial Institutions  and other large organizations require a very large volume of documents to be retained for long periods. This huge volume of documents keeps increasing every year consequently increasing the demand for storage space and infrastructural modification within the bank. Such documents are a vital part of the bank’s functioning and hence cannot be rejected either. The most viable option is a smart digitized solution that would facilitate seamless and inexpensive storage, archival and retrieval of the documents. Storage in electronic form also ensures the highest level of security for the documents.

The  ADEMS or Advanced Document Encryption and Management Suite, is an on-premise, easy-to-use, central document repository system.

ADEMS facilitates team collaboration, version control, document linking, document approvals and efficient workflow. This ensures that organizations are able to work on the tasks at hand. ADEMS captures and manages both paper and e-documents quickly and easily.

The  ADEMS provides you a competitive edge by helping you organize data that can be used for taking quicker action.

The suite has many features as listed below

  1. Client file management
  2. Vendor Contract Management
  3. Signed Document verification and fraud prevention
  4. Easy Search and access of files
  5. Secures files digitally

The benefits for large organisations in having the system are as follows

  1. Saves time in searching and accessing document
  2. Facilitates a more secure process for the uploading, retrieval and storage of files
  3. Provides a digitized process to detect and prevent faults including those caused due to human errors
  4. Enables seamless tracking of documents to overcome the time and difficulty challenges involved in chasing a paper trail
  5. Allows easy organization of files through indexing, categorization and tagging. Folders, sub-folders, tags and access controls also improve inter-departmental collaboration
  6. Permits concurrent access of the same document by different approved users at different locations is possible through ADEMS
  7. Overcomes the challenges involved in restricting users through access controls. Only those users who are permitted to access a certain document or a particular category of documents would be allowed permissions for the same.
  8. Physical documents are prone to wear and tear over time, when constantly retrieved from their storage locations and accessed often. Digital documents, however, can be accessed by the permitted users any number of times, without posing any danger to the originals.
  9. ADEMS makes it easier  to comply with the set regulations, policy or framework defining the retention and security of documents stored.
  10. Allows integration of existing business applications
  11. Automates document workflow automation (DWA). This helps to deliver better customer service with improved internal productivity and accountability
  12. ADEMS decreases the overall processing time and costs, thereby enhancing the customer’s experience

Work flow

Note: The documents are uploaded only through the central server at the headquarters to ensure an unmatched degree of security. Once uploaded, these can then be retrieved through the virtual private network connection at any branch

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