CCTV: Analogue Cameras

Analogue Cameras:

Nambiar Associates uses the latest AHD Analogue cameras to supply, install and configure your surveillance system in Burundi.

Analogue cameras are the simplest form of cameras which is easy to set up and maintain.  In this surveillance setup, cameras send the recorded video or captured images in the traditional base band format via a coax cable or an UTP cabling to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Here, video gets digitized and is stored on hard drives

Analouge camera

The customer can choose the locations where there is necessity for cameras for eg. The gates, the production line, the cash counter etc. and the system can be setup accordingly.

Pros and Cons


Suitable for smaller premises

Distance will usually degrade image quality

Analogue image capture method has quality limitations

Not easy to expand as DVR has physical Analog to digital converters

For reliable installation, with professional technical service in Burundi for installing your analogue CCTV surveillance system, please contact us. Office in Bujumbura, but we can do the work anywhere in Burundi.

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